About Us


With a passion for helping people Rest, Relax and Recover, Bohlster was thoughtfully and intentionally designed. With our exclusive patented tab back that is combined with the most luxurious fabrics, our Bohlster pillows are both stylish, exquisitely soft and provide sensational support and comfort.  

The amazing thing about our Bohlster pillow is the design! The flexibility to unfold it allows you to use it in many different ways.  While initially designed for those that are rehabilitating and recovering, the Bohlster Foundation Pillow makes the most spectacular travel pillow!  To simply put it, most travel and rehabilitative pillows don't work.  They provide insufficient support and push your head and neck uncomfortably forward.  With Bohlster, the support is on the sides exactly where you need it the most while allowing your head to rest in its most natural and comfortable position without the unnecessary bulk behind your neck.  

We are also proud to be Made in the USA and a Certified Woman Owned Business!

Whether you are in you bed, airplane seat, car or favorite reclining chair, we hope your Bohlster will be the most beneficial pillow you will ever own.  We encourage you to find your own creative ways to seek rest, relaxation, and recovery with your new Bohlster. IT IS the only pillow designed to be used your way!