The Bohlster Patented Design

Bohlster was thoughtfully and intentionally designed to help you achieve profound rest, relaxation, and recovery. With the unique combination of our exclusive patented tab back design, large side bolsters, customizable closure options, and luxurious minky fabrics, the Bohlster Foundation Pillow has raised the bar and truly stands out from all the other rehabilitative neck and travel pillows. Here's a closer look at the elements that make this pillow so unique.

The Tab Back

The square piece of the pillow that connects the two side bolsters together is what makes this design so unique. Known as the Tab Back, this design eliminates unnecessary bulk behind your head and neck and allows your head to rest in its most natural and comfortable position. It also gives you the option to unfold the bolsters and get creative with their uses. Everyone rests and relaxes differently, so explore the many ways to use the Bohlster Pillow.

The Side Bolsters

The two larger pillows that hug the sides of your neck and connect to the Tab Back are the side bolsters. Their purpose is to keep your head in the most comfortable upright position and large enough to deliver maximum comfort and support. Each side pillow was carefully filled to deliver the optimal size with the right firmness for all.

Closure Options

The adjustable cord lock and the adjustable velcro are the two closure options available. Both are reliable methods to tighten or loosen your Bohlster Pillow to achieve your desired level of support. Let's explore each of the closures a little more.

The Adjustable Cord Lock Closure

This closure is supported with 550 (made in the USA) Paracord polished with bell caps or Pom Poms on the ends. This 7 inner strand version of Paracord has a great balance of strength and flexibility that’s long-lasting with no fraying– perfect for long-term use. Each cord lock is a little stiff to pres at first but will loosen over time.

The Adjustable Velcro Closure

This velcro closure is a great option for those who can't work the cord lock closure due to physical limitations. It’s also best suited for children under 5 as the cord lock and bell caps could pose a choking hazard. The Velcro closure is strong enough to keep your Bohlster secured and achieve your desired level of support without coming undone.

The Top Loop

It’s all in the details! This distinctive feature, also made with 550 Paracord, gives you the ability to attach your Bohlster Pillow to a bag, purse, suitcase, or backpack during the faster moments of life. Simply attach a carabiner through the loop, clip it on, and go!

The Fabric

Every Bohlster Pillow and Base blanket is handmade right here in the USA, and we use luxurious Minky fabrics. Minky mimics the feeling of Mink fur but is a type of fleece making it ideal for blankets and pillows. Its textured look and ultra-soft feel will leave you resting, relaxing, and recovering in exquisite softness.

Find Your Bohlster Pillow

Whether you're in bed, an airplane seat, a car passenger seat, or your favorite reclining chair, we are confident that your Bohlster will be the most beneficial pillow you will ever own. We encourage you to find your own creative ways to seek rest, relaxation, and recovery with your new Bohlster– the only pillow designed to be used your way!