Our Story

Helping a Family Friend in Need

In 2016, a friend of mine, Ellen Rankin, was battling breast cancer for the third time. During a check-up on her heart transplant, the doctors found that the cancer had unfortunately spread to her lungs. She decided to stay at her home where she was placed in hospice care and confined to her bed. During this time, Ellen was desperate for a pillow that would give her the support and comfort she desperately needed so her husband, Forrest, went on an exhaustive search.

After buying several bed pillows and neck pillows, Forrest shared his frustration and sadness with me that none of them worked for Ellen. They were too soft in the right places and too bulky in the wrong places. At that moment, I had an idea I was hopeful would help my friend.

The Bohlster Prototype is Born

My design of a new and improved neck pillow for Ellen came to me in a powerful way! It’s difficult to explain the feeling I had, but I just knew what she needed. I rushed home, gathered materials, and enlisted the help of another friend, April Bushman. I drew out the design and with her sewing ability, the Bohlster Foundation Pillow was brought to life.

I took my rough prototype back to Forrest and Ellen and told them to give it a try, and I would be back the next day to make any necessary changes. When I returned, they told me they had nicknamed it “the miracle pillow” because she was finally able to rest and relax. The Bohlster Foundation Neck Pillow finally provided her with the support where she needed it the most.

Two weeks later, my sweet friend, Ellen, lost her battle to breast cancer after years of fighting. When Forrest mentioned one of his regrets was that she didn’t have the comfort from her Bohlster sooner, I knew the Bohlster was something that needed to be shared!

Bringing the Bohlster Neck Pillow to You

Every Bohlster we make is dedicated to the memory of Ellen G. Rankin and her husband Forrest. Because of them, the Bohlster Foundation Pillow came to life with the opportunity to help others. Our hope is that each person who uses our neck pillow will find the profound rest and relaxation they need during their individual journey’s in life.