Ellen Rankin was facing her second battle with Breast Cancer and was on hospice care.  She was desperate for a pillow that would help her relax, rest and sleep.  Her devoted husband, Forrest, went on an exhaustive search to find Ellen a comfortable pillow that would provide her the support she urgently needed.  

When nothing seemed to be working, he shared his frustrations and concern with me.  At that moment the idea for Bohlster powerfully came to me.  I rushed home, gathered materials and enlisted the help of my friend April Bushman.  I laid out the design and with her sewing expertise, the Bohlster Foundation Pillow was brought to life.  

I took my rough prototype back to Forrest and Ellen and told them to give it a try.  I would be back the next day to see if any changes needed to be made.  When I returned they told me they had nicknamed the Bohlster the "miracle pillow" because it provided her the profound rest and relaxation that no other pillow was able to do.  It was exactly what Ellen was needing!

Two weeks later, Ellen lost her battle.  When Forrest mentioned one of his regrets was that she didn't have the comfort from her Bohlster sooner because she spent so many uncomfortable and sleepless days and nights, I knew this was a man that dearly loved his wife and I also knew that Bohlster was something that must be shared!  

Every Bohlster we make is dedicated to the memory of Ellen G. Rankin and her loving husband Forrest.  Without them Bohlster would not be available for the millions of others facing their own battles, challenges and recoveries.

Whether you are rehabilitating, resting, recovering, relaxing, or traveling, like Ellen, I am confident you will find the comfort and support you need with your new Bohlster! 

With Love and Support,

Kim Bice

Founder / CEO